My mentor once told me in 2016, that whoever you shake hands with, get his contact number, think of how to add value in his/her life, that is the secret of your success.

Value if I may explain is not Liability but access.

In simple English, Liability is anything that does not bring back money to you.

While access is anything that brings back money to you

The world we live in, is like a football match, if you take wing, ball will be passed to you.

If you do not take wing, nobody will pass ball to you.

I remembered when i was a little boy, if people are being screening in football match and you don’t want to be screened out, you tend to hide behind other players, so that they will not pass ball to you.

Hahahah, funny as it may be, we were an impediment to our own success then.

The bitter and honest question I will like to ask each an everyone of us is “ What plan have you drawn in your life to be Financial free in Life”

Are your visions in life still tied around individual’s generosity as the only way it will succeed?

If yes, it is still a dream.

Your vision should have a clear road map that is devoured of any individual for success.

Be it Father, Mother, Uncles, Relations or friends.

A young boy who was my student comes around my formal residence to take care of my neigbour’s dog. He will give the dog its bath, feed and wash the dog house.

I was forced to ask my neighbour how much was he paying the monthly for these services?, he laughed and said nothing.

I was shocked, I said is not fair, i adviced that the guy be paid for the service.

He said the guy wanted a female puppy as payment if the pregnant dog gives birth.

I met the guy days later to inquiry why such choice of payment.

He told me that he wants to go to school (University), and he is aware that his father cannot afford to pay his school fees as he has lost his job.

His mother is a petty trade, so she will not be able to do so either.

If he gets a female Caucasian Dog, he will be able to go round all eatery within the neighbourhood to get left over food to feed it.

If the dog mature and start giving birth, he will easily go to school without stress.

I inquired further “How?”

He smiled, and told me that Caucasian puppies are sold for  ₦150,000 to  ₦200,000.

Once his caucasian Dog start given birth, he will be selling at  ₦100,000 for quick sales.

If he has ten(10) puppies, it will be  ₦1 million cash.

I was so inspired with his vision, because it was devoured of any individual generosity for its success.

If you see such a vision, nature will move you to contribute to such vision.

This I did by given him Jamb form fee, and paying for his Dog house.

Let us have visions in life that are devoured of any individual generosity for success, it is key to survival in life.

I remain CEO BJ (An Entrepreneurship Development expert)


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