Beginners Step by Step to attraction Marketing


This practical step-by-step beginner’s book is an online marketing book/Ebook.

It is one of the greatest tools for beginners showing how to make money online.

This well-articulated practical book is a step-by-step guide to starting an online business, move your offline business online, understand the power of using Social media in growing your business (digital marketing) and leverage it.

In 2016, research showed that 2.1billon GB of data is being used daily on the Internet, and 1GB is like 1,500Naira which is far higher than $1, but let us assume that 1GB is $1.

That means we have 2.1Billion USD passing through the Internet daily, and what most of us use our internet for, is to share jokes on Facebook, discuss politics when we are not politicians, discuss football when we are not players.

This practical step-by-step beginner’s online marketing book is a tool meant to position your business online, get wider coverage for your product or services and increase income.

Every individual should get this digital marketing book called attraction marketing for beginners step-by-step.

This digital marketing book will teach you and guide you to moving your business online for maximum result.

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This is a step by step detailed exposition to attraction marketing online  for beginners.



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