During the lock down, there was boredom and depression in the country(Nigeria).

We all turned to social media for information, family matters, relationship matters, fashion and work.

There’s this handle on social media I loved to follow, why?

she uses comedy to drive home her points on family issues.

While at it ,she shares a recipe she uses on her face to get her face glowing plus get her Odogwu’s(Husband’s) attention.

After learning her recipe on glowing, I got to work to find out more.

I got coffee, mixed with honey 🍯 then I applied to my face.

Gradually, the effect was visible on my face.

The discoloration disappeared.

The result was overwhelming.

If you frown at routines, this is not for you.

Research has shown that Amazon rakes in 72k Dollars on Caffeine eye serum.

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This is just one caffeinated product, there are much more.

Caffeinated skincare products are in trend and they give desired results.

While you shop for that beautiful wear for your body, you may want to get a perfect facial skincare product that offers your desired results.

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