Building your own brand early in life and learning the ropes leading to a recognized and trusted multinational company(Brand) will get you prepared for life’s eventualities.

There are no multinational companies (BRANDS) waiting to employ anyone.

With this at the back of our minds, everyone should be prepared to build a multinational company in Nigeria.


I started out early in life and gradually I enrolled in various levels of schools to achieve my set goals and at each completion of any of the programs, I was given a piece of paper called a certificate (ASAMBODO)

ASAMBODO in my local dialect means CERTIFICATE.

From primary school, at age 2, I worked my ass away, studying, learning topics, subjects, most of the time by force. With the story of studying hard so you can get a good job.

In secondary school, the story did not change.

The same whole story.

Learning irrelevant things that till now has no impact on my life.

For example, cramming the part of a grasshopper and learning to draw it with the hope of getting a high grade.

The race continued as I headed for the halfway mark.

With all the bends and turns, the exposure to risks, and the burning of late-night candles to make sure we get a certificate to land a good job in big multinational companies.

Then came the hurdle of the polytechnic. I felt I was wasting time, let me accomplish the learning task and land the job.

Then I realized that the polytechnic Certificate was of no use to me, hence I moved over to University for a BSC, which will land me the big jobs in multinational companies.


And after 5years plus of toiling, striking, risks came the paper again (certificate).

I was so glad it was all over. Finally, I am set for working in multinational companies.

Little did I know that I am on my own. All these were a mirage.

There are no multinationals waiting for anyone.

All these are carefully planned roadmaps to keep us busy while growing up and to enlarge our thinking horizon.

Today I am the CEO of a multinational company that provides Virtual Assistant services to businesses and runs an e-commerce business.

You are the one to create the multinational companies yourself. Do not forget to visit our Website to shop for great items @

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Have a great day and do not forget that you are the one to build multinational companies.

Adaeze Unachukwu

(CEO AVirtual LTD)

Managing Social Media Arm/website chat and Building Brands for Businessowners/Politicians/Celebrities/Clergymen/Schools.

WhatsApp: 07013968214



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