We are an e-commerce arm of an organization that helps small and medium-scale businesses.

Kkmoon-DC5-V-4-W-Dual-Spray-Nozzle-Aroma-Diffuser-Humidifier – Virtual Assistant (avirtual-assistant.com)

We grow their business, grow their social platform, grow their brand, provide free business tips, and an ecommerce platform for your shopping convenience.

AVirtual online shop is opened to a specific class of persons.

To help you avoid the crowd, stay safe, and shop from the comfort of your home, AVirtual online shop deems it fit to fill that void.

3 Second Brow Stamp – Virtual Assistant (avirtual-assistant.com)

In the quest of bringing quality, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly items to a specific class of persons,

we delved into every day to day items consumed.

Digital Book Archives – Virtual Assistant (avirtual-assistant.com)

We cater to your fashion needs, home décor needs, kitchen essentials needs, and personal essentials needs.

Shop our great products for as low as ₦500.

Visit http://avirtual-assistant.com/…to shop.

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